• Bob's Processing adds a new refrigerated vending machine to Wolverine Hardware in South Haven

    Bob’s (South Haven, MI) recently purchased and installed a refrigerated vending machine for their products to be displayed and purchased 24/7 at Wolverine ACE Hardware in South Haven, MI.  

    Bob’s is a family owned and operated butcher shop and retail store that has been in business over 38 years. We provide fresh cut steaks to ribs to award winning Hams to homemade sausage and Bratwurst. We have over 10 different marinated Chicken Breasts and Flavors of Jerky. You will also find here at our country meat market, award winning smoked Salmon. We have Great Lakes’ smoke Trout and Whitefish too. We also have a Catering division that can provide pulled pork to hamburgers and all your side dishes for Graduation or Class Reunion. We also can provide an amazing Prime Rib Dinner for your wedding or other special event.

    The vending machine will be stocked with the award-winning bacon that Bob’s is known for.  It will also have smoked salmon, cheese, summer sausage, jerky, snack sticks and even lunch meat just to name a few other items.  Access to the machine is 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.  The machine only takes credit cards.