• Welcome New Chamber Member CrossFit Current!

    CrossFit Current Ribbon Cutting

    The South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce was pleased to welcome new member CrossFit Current with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, November 1st.

    CrossFit Current has just opened its doors in South Haven at 237 Broadway St. at the back of the old Save-A-Lot Building. Owners Brian Campbell and David Thompson are excited to bring CrossFit to the South Haven community.

    CrossFit is a different kind of fitness model than other gyms in the area. Instead of self-directed fitness, CrossFit participants come to an hour-long class, headed by a certified coach. Though everyone in the class participates in the same workout, the intensity and movements are tailored to each participant’s unique abilities and fitness level. “Anyone can do CrossFit,” says Campbell, “my grandmother can be in the same class as an Olympic level athlete.” All members receive individualized coaching to ensure they’re getting a safe and effective workout.

    CrossFit workouts incorporate strength training, cardio, weight lifting and body-weight exercises. The goal is whole-body health, and nutrition counseling is part of the program. As Campbell says, “We want to create a lifelong path to health, and we offer guidance and accountability that so many people need.” Members get unlimited classes, and for a limited time, founding members can receive a discount on monthly membership dues.

    To learn more about Crossfit Current, visit their website Crossfitcurrent.com, call (269) 767-7217, or e-mail contact@crossfitcurrent.com.