• Airport Ramp Agent

    Posted: 12/05/2021

    Airport Ramp Agent (Part-Time)
    South Haven Area Regional Airport is looking for a part-time Airport Ramp Agent.  The Airport Ramp Agent reports to the Airport Manager and is responsible for providing customer service to airport customers and completing line technician duties.  This position is responsible for keeping the Airport Manager up to date on activities, airport or customer needs including but not limited to maintenance needs of the airport buildings and surrounds.
    Essential Duties:
    Greet, park, help move and marshal aircraft arriving or departing ramp area.
    Assist with wing-walking duties as required.
    Operate all necessary equipment, Jet A truck – Manual Transmission, Lawn equipment, etc., etc.
    Conduct fuel quality test as assigned.
    Invoice sales and keep track of any monies due or exchanged.
    Monitor airport air-to-ground ratio.
    Assist transient and local customers with aircraft with hangar or tie-down parking arrangements.
    Monitor runway, environmental and weather conditions as applicable to air traffic and piloting needs.
    Snow removal from walkways and ramp areas.
    Assist with general cleaning and cleaning of debris from ramp, building and customer areas.
    Be willing to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays as needed.
    Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
    Minimum Qualifications:
    High School diploma or GED equivalent.
    Ability to maintain fuel servicing certification upon completion of training.
    Ability to climb a 6-foot step ladder while carrying a fuel hose with one hand.
    Preferred Qualifications:
    Knowledge and experience of working around aircraft and an airport environment.
    Knowledge of Microsoft programs including Outlook, Word, and Excel.
    Desired Competencies:
    Possess excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrate ability to communicate/interact effectively with a diverse professional and community to provide a good impression of the South Haven Airport.
    Excellent attendance, punctuality and willingness to learn.
    Demonstrated ability to be self-motivated, work independently, and be a team player, pay attention to detail, maintain confidentiality, and meet project deadlines.
    Reports To: Airport manager of Airport Operations
    Position Level: Airport Ramp Agent
    Comp. Range:  $15.00 per hour
    Status:  Part-Time
                   Airport days of operation:
                   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.      
                    9:00am – 5:00pm
    Classification:  Non-Exempt
    Equal Opportunity Employer – Committed to Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment.
    South Haven Area Regional Airport – Manager / John Carlson
    73020 CR-380
    South Haven, MI  49090
    Telephone: (269) 637-7343