Posted: 03/05/2023



    Lake Arvesta Farms is hiring Park Attendants to work at Arvesta Sport Complex during Summer 2022!


    Under the direction and supervision of the General Manager, provide supervision in and around the waterpark, children’s play area, dry land activities, park entrance and at the top of the slides. Also must maintain equipment, help with events and tend to the general tidiness of support areas of Arvesta Sport Complex.



    • Maintains a safe environment for all patrons

    • Controls access to the water slides and enforce all water slide and aqua park rules and regulations.

    • Responds to emergencies following established protocols

    • Supervises locker areas and assists with life jackets and grounds reporting any problems to the General Manager

    • Performs maintenance duties of the aqua park, cable park, grounds and locker areas, including sweeping, mopping, washing windows, emptying trash and any other task deemed necessary by the General Manager


    • Be at the facility, in uniform and ready to work, at the designated start of the work shift.

    • Establish and maintain effective communication and working relationship with fellow staff members, management staff, volunteers, and the public in a courteous and tactful manner

    • Attend all required staff meetings and training

    • Work closely with the Aqua Park Department staff to ensure Arvesta Sport Complex rules, policies, and procedures are observed and enforced.

    • Reports directly to and perform any other duties as assigned by the General Manager.

    Typical Qualifications

    • Be at least 14 years of age (with a work permit)

    • Must complete Crew Training (provided). This training includes CPR and First Aid.

    • Ability to lift 50 lbs

    • Physically capable of performing and demonstrating program-related activities

    • Ability and experience to work with varied age groups, including children

    • Ability to take direction

    • Ability to understand and effectively carry out oral and written instructions

    • Able to work duration of the program as assigned by supervisor

    • Shall wear branded staff uniform per Arvesta Sport Complex dress code


    Employment Season: May -  Labor Day

    Work Location: Lake Arvesta Farms- South Haven MI

    Minimum Age Requirement: 14 years old