Maintenance Worker I is responsible for maintaining all interior and exterior areas in a decent,
    safe, and sanitary condition and expected to promote a clean, healthy living environment for our
    residents. The Maintenance Supervisor and/or the Executive Director shall provide day to day
    supervision of the Maintenance Worker I. Whenever possible, the Maintenance Worker I shall
    report to the Maintenance Supervisor and/or Executive Director in any of the areas listed below.
    In the absence of the Maintenance Supervisor and/or Executive Director, the Housing
    Commission or its designee shall supervise the Maintenance Worker I. Wherever “Supervisor
    and/or Director” is listed below, it is intended to mean the Maintenance Supervisor, Executive
    Director or his or her designee, or in the absence of the Executive Director or his or her designee,
    the Housing Commission or the Housing Commission’s designee.

    Maintenance Worker I must have a broad knowledge and understanding of general maintenance
    procedures as they relate to housing complexes and the particular needs of the Housing
    Commission. Experience or proven knowledge in this or a related field is required.

    General Duties
    Prioritize his or her workload according to instructions provided by the Maintenance

    Bring unsafe or unsanitary conditions to the immediate attention of the Supervisor and

    Respond to emergency situations during normal work hours or according to your
    assigned on-call after-hours schedule. Emergencies are as listed in the Maintenance

    Observe and follow the housekeeping schedule and routine work assignments assigned
    by the Supervisor. Schedules of work are to be posted in the Maintenance Office by the

    Observe all sections of the South Haven Housing Commission’s Maintenance Policy,
    which is hereby incorporated into this job description by reference.

    Report major activities and areas of concern to the Supervisor and/or Director.
    Inspect Commission buildings, grounds and equipment for required maintenance and
    schedule and perform repairs as necessary. Make necessary repairs on Housing
    Commission systems and equipment on a regular basis. Report major defects to the
    Supervisor and/or Director in a timely manner. Report emergency conditions to
    Executive Director at the earliest possible time.

    Assist in developing work schedules, assign work orders daily to insure the most efficient
    completion of work orders, monitor performance, and prepare reports as requested by the
    Supervisor and/or Director.

    Assist Supervisor and/or Executive Director in the preparation of grant applications and
    operating budgets.

    Contract work and supply ordering must not exceed the budget limits set forth by the

    Prepare vacant units for move-in on a timely basis as specified in the Maintenance Policy
    or otherwise instructed by the Executive Director.

    Maintain Commission lawn and grounds by mowing, trimming, weeding, and applying
    non-regulated fertilizer when necessary. Supervise tenant landscaping activities and
    make recommendations for placement of flowers, plants, shrubs, etc.

    Clear away ice and snow on the public walks and parking lots on Housing Commission
    property adjacent to the building.

    Perform normal maintenance as listed on work orders for residents as listed in the
    Maintenance Policy. Maintenance personnel shall not work on tenant’s personal property
    during normal business hours without prior authorization from the Executive Director.
    Door Hang Tags must always be used and completely filled out when performing
    maintenance repairs while a resident is not at home.

    Properly and completely fill out Work Orders with the necessary information before
    turning closed Work Orders in to the office. i.e. completed by, time for the repair, costs
    of all items used to perform repair, verification that repair was completed and tested, etc.

    Conduct Annual and HQS Inspections per HUD requirements, Executive Director
    requirements, and/ or City requirements.

    Provide building security by periodically checking and replacing, or when required by
    law, arranging for the replacement of (by a qualified contractor) the following:

    1. Smoke Detectors (clean and make adjustments or repairs)
    2. Fire Alarm System, Fire Extinguishers
    3. Emergency Alarms
    4. Exterior and Interior locks, doors, windows, etc.
    Provide general cleaning services to halls and common areas, limited access areas and
    storage areas, including restrooms, Community Rooms, Community Room kitchens,
    laundry room, library, game room, lobbies, etc. Cleaning services shall include all glass
    (interior and exterior) floors, walls, fixtures, etc.

    Assist with general cleaning and unit turnovers.
    Assist in performing all maintenance duties.
    Track and maintain appropriate levels of cleaning materials.
    Ensure cleanliness of all areas and floors in a safe, positive, and professional manner.
    Ensure safe, orderly storage and use of cleaning chemicals, supplies, and equipment.
    Operate vacuum cleaners, upholstery cleaners, floor care machines and all other
    equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

    Identify health and safety hazards and take necessary steps for their correction. Report health
    and safety hazards which cannot be corrected in a timely basis to the Executive Director.

    Respond to emergencies (as defined in the Maintenance Policy) during normal working hours
    and after hours as scheduled. Determine when an emergency exists and respond. When
    necessary, assist in the evacuation of the residents from apartments and/or the building in the
    event of a natural disaster.