• Pub Maintenance


    Our Mission
    At New Holland Brewing Company, we are on a mission to enhance the quality of people’s lives.
    Our Vision
    New Holland Brewing Company’s vision is to create savored moments for the world.
    Our Values
    Believe * Own * Engage * Lead
    Act with Integrity * Care
    How your job supports the mission
    • Providing a clean and sanitary work environment for all Team Members.
    • Ensuring that all pub equipment is safe, operational, and up to code.
    • Engage with Leaders of what unique projects need to be completed on a daily basis.
    Summary of a typical day
    • Disinfect and deep clean all bathrooms.
    • Remove waste and place in it’s proper receptacle.
    Reports to: General Manager
    Pub Maintenance- Pub on 8th
    What we offer you
    • An innovative, growing company in our industry.
    • A strong culture: one that is guided through our Mission, Vision and Values.
    • A collaborative, caring, creative and engaging place to work.
    Job summary
    Pub Maintenance will oversee upkeep of the grounds, including the basement, outside, and all common areas. This position will ensure that preventative maintenance is being performed on all equipment while maintaining inspection and warranties for all power tools and major equipment. Pub Maintenance will vet new equipment needs so we can operate at the highest level of efficiency.
    What you would do
    • Lead and act in a manner that is consistent with our Mission, Vision & Values.
    • Ensure the all areas of the grounds are sanitized, clean, and maintained.
    • Clean all public spaces, windows, and restrooms.
    • Make sure the exterior of the building is properly maintained and presentable.
    • Maintain structural integrity of our tables and chairs.
    • Meet with General Manager to discuss projects to be completed by a contractor.
    • Assist in pest control and work with exterminators on challenging areas.
    • Ensure that equipment is stowed in accordance with compliance to fire code.
    • Adress seasonal needs with exterior of the building; leaf removal, snow removal, and ensuring that ice is removed from the sidewalks and entryways.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    What you offer us
    • Efficiency in getting work projects done.
    • Effective communication skills.
    • Detail oriented.
    • Promptly addressing any critical issues with safety and sanitation.
    Physical requirements
    • Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift fifty (50) pounds.
    • Able to climb ladders.
    • Be able to work in a standing position for up to ten (10) hours.
    • Ability to use simple, power tools, and cleaning equipment.
    • Be comfortable working within confined/narrow spaces.
    Desired qualifications
    • Possess High School Degree or GED.
    • Basic understandings of computer systems and email.
    • Understanding of Hazmat rules and regulations.
    • Proficiency with and overall knowledge of how to power tools.