• Facilities Manager/Head Coach- Full Time

    We are looking for a BADA** GET SH*T DONE kinda person to join our Team as an Facilities Manager – Head Coach to our South Haven Box.
    In full transparency, if you work for us and especially in this position, you are full time. Part time won't cut it nor would I want anyone to try and juggle that
    We are looking for someone EXTREMELY detail oriented, nit-picky, organized, and what others may describe as...
    Extreme Perfectionist
    A 'Machine'
    ...really though. The team we have is already IMPECCABLE, so we are looking for only EXPERIENCED A-Players to apply for this role.
    LOGISTICS: Full time at our South Haven location, Reports to CEO/Owner
    Reports to: Owner/CEO
    Fulltime: salary 30k annually, 15% share owner in box profits and quarterly bonuses.  Pay incentive by design will allow the right person to create their own income based on performance and profitability.
    As an Facilities Manager – Head Coach, your primary role will be to implement and oversee exceptional customer service through structured client communication and high quality training sessions. You will not only take part in direct client communication but you will also oversee the training staff and ensure they are upholding the values of the company and completing their ongoing tasks/projects.
    ● Assist in the retention of existing clients through exemplifying amazing customer service
    ● Creating more WOW customer service automation (onboarding/experience)
    ● Creating and updating daily structured client communication with existing customers to increase engagement.
    ● Ensuring all trainer tasks are completed by EOD each day (announcements, referrals, hand written cards)
    ● Assisting with outbound calls/reminders to prospects as needed from the Sales Manager
    ● Managing/Coaching direct reports in customer care and communication
    ● Ensures all new hires are properly onboarded and trained
    ● Collection and submission of payroll biweekly
    ● Ensure all supplies are full and swag is in stock
    ● Calendar management (event calendar for clients, team meetings/events)
    ● Must have experience 1+ year in Customer Service, Operations, or working in a similar environment
    ● Must be detail oriented
    ● Must have significant work ethic
    ● Must have excellent customer service skills
    ● Must be self-directed
    ● Must be customer oriented yet direct when needed
    ● Must be technologically proficient to use billing system, email system, CRM
    To Apply, send your ( contact@crossfitcurrent.com );

    • Cover letter
    • Resume
    • Short Essay stating how they’re qualifications fit / relate to our core values of being humble, hungry and people smart
    • Text a short video to 269.743.4805 telling us about yourself