• The South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce was pleased to welcome new member Rural Gig with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, July 25th.   

    Rural Gig LLC, a wireless internet service provider based in Casco Township, announces an expansion of service to South Haven Township and surrounding areas.  Equipment is in the process of being mounted onto the South Haven Water Tower located near Veterans Boulevard.  Julie Cowie, Rural Gig’s CEO, said, “SHAWSA has been terrific in assisting us with our expansion plans by allowing us to co-locate equipment on this water tower.”

    Bill Hunter, Executive Director, led the approval process with the South Haven Area Water Sewer Authority.  He said, “We are happy to collaborate so local Township residents can access better internet.”

    Rural Gig LLC was formed in April of 2018 to serve Casco and Ganges residents with wireless internet service.  The minimum service package of 10 Mbps permits users to stream and data is unlimited.   Three Casco residents, Julie Cowie, John Sokel, and Will Hart, formed the company after frustration over existing options for affordable, reliable, quality wifi.    Cowie and Hart, a married couple, lead efforts in customer acquisition, growth, and strategy.  Sokel, Rural Gig’s Chief Technology Officer, leads the technology side.  “We all have day jobs,” Cowie explains, “but we launched this company because we were desperate for better internet, and no one was coming to save us.”  Since going live on the initial tower in September of 2018, Rural Gig has provided 10 Mbps service to residents with a line of sight to the tower in Casco Township.

    This expansion, to the SHAWSA water tower in South Haven Township, as well as the Scenic View Dairy water tower in Ganges Township, allows the internet signal to reach areas of South Haven, Ganges, and Clyde Townships.   “We’ve had folks on our customer list since before we launched, waiting for service, and we’re happy we’re able to reach farther northeast and south through these co-locations,” Cowie said.

    Area residents interested in getting on the waiting list for service can contact the company through their website, www.ruralgig.com.