• Our Lighthouse... Our Heritage

    Can you imagine South Haven without a lighthouse? It could happen.

    For more than a century, South Haven's popular beacon has lured hundreds of thousands of people and boats to our shores. It has become synonymous with our town's name.

    But after more than a century of battling harsh winter weather and Lake Michigan's waves, our lighthouse needs extensive repair and restoration.

    It might look just fine on the outside, with a fresh coat of paint applied in 2014, but the structure's interior reveals a much different story. Inside, corrosion threatens to destroy the beacon's base, seams, windows and stairs. Lead paint peels along the second-story floor and walls, while asbestos poses an environmental health hazard. The Historical Association of South Haven (HASH) owns the historical light and wants to restore it to its original beauty, but we need your help.

    The association's lighthouse committee is embarking on a campaign to raise $300,000 to not only restore the lighthouse, but maintain it for future generations to enjoy. Your donation will go a long way to preserving the Light!

    Please send donations to HASH, PO BOX 552, South Haven, MI 49090. For more information or to make an online contribution, visit http://www.southhavenlight.org/