• Charge Up Your Journey in South Haven: Electric Car Charge Stations

    Welcome to South Haven, where we're excited to support sustainable and eco-friendly travel! If you're cruising into our charming city in your electric vehicle, we've got you covered with convenient charge stations strategically located at 511 Huron St. and 421 Huron St.

    Location Convenience: Our charge stations are strategically placed for your convenience, making it easy for you to explore South Haven while ensuring your electric vehicle stays fully charged. The addresses, 511 Huron St. and 421 Huron St., are your go-to spots for a quick and efficient recharge.

    Ownership Information: It's important to note that these charge stations are not owned by the city of South Haven. Instead, they are proudly owned by Red E Charging, a leading provider in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Red E Charging is committed to supporting the growth of sustainable transportation and ensuring you have a seamless charging experience.

    Connect with Red E Charging: For additional details about the charge stations or if you're seeking a detailed map of charging locations in South Haven, we recommend visiting the Red E Charging website. There, you can find comprehensive information to enhance your electric vehicle journey.

    Stay Green, Stay Charged: South Haven welcomes environmentally conscious travelers, and we're thrilled to contribute to your sustainable adventure. So, whether you're enjoying our beautiful beaches, exploring our vibrant downtown, or taking in the scenic views, rest assured that your electric vehicle can stay charged and ready for the next leg of your journey.

    Experience the best of South Haven, and let our electric car charge stations power your exploration!