• Scenic Drives & Views

  • Some of the best kept secrets of the South Haven area are the scenic drives and the spectacular views we have to offer. Just take Exit 20 off I-196 and immediately as you drive west you will see the sparkling fresh waters of Lake Michigan. Continuing west into the downtown of South Haven on Phoenix will take you through a beautiful quaint downtown that has a view too good to be true – you got it, Lake Michigan!

    Drive Blue Star Highway north and south and come across spectacular residences unmatched by glimpses of the beautiful blue water of Lake Michigan that meets a blue horizon on a gorgeous day in the South Haven Area.

    Take a country drive and follow the agriculture-tourism route of the Lakeshore Harvest Country and find yourself between the eye-high crop of the sweetest of sweet corn, the vines of a local wine producing vineyard, or gazing at acres and acres of bushes busting with our most famous crop – blueberries!

    The South Haven area has all of this and more to offer!