• Walks & Trails


    South Haven prides itself on being a “walkable” community. Our Harbor Walk stretches the banks of the Black River and highlights both cultural and historical assets of features.

    With the Kal-Haven Trail head being located proximate to the downtown, this 34 mile-long, 10 foot-wide trail traverses the landscape between South Haven and Kalamazoo, winding through Grand Junction, Bloomingdale, Gobles and Kendall. In 2008, a 4.5 mile city link opened connecting recreational enthusiasts into the downtown of Kalamazoo. Those desiring a one-way ride only can make arrangements ahead of time to be transported back to their point of origin by Van Buren Public Transit.

    Other trails in the South Haven area include the Bangor/South Haven Water Heritage Trail and Lakeshore Harvest Country. The Water Heritage Trail celebrates the waterway of the Black River and promotes canoeing and kayaking. Lakeshore Harvest Country welcomes you to a trail of farms, markets, and a winery. Visit the farm and pick fresh fruits, see animals, and taste the lakeshore's harvest.

    Other trails in Van Buren County include the Black River Preserve. Featuring signed, easy-to-difficult hiking trails featuring several points of interest, one mile of frontage along the Black River, and another combined mile of frontage on three tributaries streams. Portman Nature Preserve features signed, scenic, easy-to-moderate hiking trails that cross a natural causeway between two lakes, gently climb through upland forest, then gently descend to a boardwalk that offers interesting views into a fen wetland. Future plans include a barrier-free loop trail, lake viewing platform, and more.  Check out Jeptha Lake Fen Boardwalk for a one mile of easy trails and boardwalk through grassland, forest edge, and wetlands to lake. Wau-Ke-Ka, William Erby Smith Preserve is three miles of mowed walking trails through forest and grassland to Lake Michigan.

    We invite you to walk our community and enjoy our trails!