• Ice Breaker


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  • Ice Breaker 2024 Winners:


    Chili Cook Off:

    1st Place: The Lodge

    2nd Place: VFW Post 667- South Haven

    3rd Place: Frida’s Cantina

    Honorable Mention: Culver’s – South Haven


    Amateur Ice Carving:

    1st Place: Café Julia’s, Carved by: Natalie Panek

    2nd Place: Glik’s, Carved by: Dan Danger

    3rd Place: Sophies Steakhouse, Carved by: Dave Militello & Charlie Umbanhower


    Professional Ice Carving:

    1st Place: Rocket Arcade, Carved by: Lou Rodriguez

    2nd Place: Olive Cart, Carved by: Jerome & Shannon Bajo

    3rd Place: Michigan Maritime Museum, Carved by: Pat McKearnan


    Student Ice Carving:

    1st Place: Tello Italian Bistro, Carved by: St. Basil Catholic School

    2nd Place: Lake Arvesta, Carved by: South Haven Schools



    Queens Cup:

    Tello Italian Bistro, Carved by: St. Basil Catholic School


    Snowsuit Fashion Competition:

    Abominable Snowsuit: Bruce Miller

    Blizzard Bling: MOB WIVES!

    Don't Laugh, It's Warm: Brenda Victor

    Sub-Zero Glamour: Kimberly Kotarak

    Funky Fashion Award: Dolly Harris

    Sno-Pro Winter Attire: Kim Kissh

    Jungle Boogie Warmth: Frozen Fish Being Flung


    Cardboard Sled Race:



    1. Barbie Jeep
    2. Ground Hog Day – “I Got You Babe”
    3. Stitch in the Snow



    1. Barbie Jeep
    2. The Dead Sled
    3. Taylor’s Version




    1. Vibracoustic
    2. Lake Arvesta
    3. Pure Salon and Spa



    1. SH High School Robotics – Ramageddon
    2. Vibracoustic
    3. Lake Arvesta


    Adult/Family Division


    1. Oompa Loompas
    2. Wyle E Coyote Crew
    3. Artic Cat



    1. Oompa Loompas
    2. Wyle E Coyote Crew
    3. Artic Cat

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