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  • Connecting Middle School and High School students with local manufacturers and business professionals to familiarize them with potential careers and opportunities throughout Southwest Michigan.


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  • The South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce and The South Haven Public Schools

    8th Grade Manufacturing Field Trip



    South Haven, MI – March 26, 2024 - The South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce and the Baseline Middle School came together in organizing a field trip for the 8th grade students to visit local manufacturing companies as part of the Chamber’s Youth Connection program.

    South Haven boasts a community that is mixed with both tourism and industry. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the unique industries with lucrative jobs available, so it is the goal of the Chamber that this field trip will introduce these employers and help students in making curriculum choices the next 4 years as they prepare for their future.  

     8th grade students are also being introduced to opportunities at the Van Buren Tech Center and programming at Lake Michigan College.  Ideally these tours encourage young people to consider their hometown as a good starting place to search for a career in their field of interest.

    The students toured 4 different local manufacturers; Spencer Manufacturing, Vibracoustic, American Twisting and FoodTools. They were shown different areas such as office settings, production, quality control and labs and were be able to talk to different departments about specialty positions like engineering, IT, sales, Research & Development and Logistics.