• Mission, Vision & Values

  • Our Mission

    To build a vibrant and prosperous community, and have fun doing it!

    Our Vision

    To promote collaborative efforts among businesses, government, and other support organizations that will result in the retention and attraction of residents, visitors, and jobs in the greater South Haven area.

    Our Values

    1. We support economic growth and prosperity including an appropriately balanced emphasis on retail, industrial, commercial, tourist, and agricultural commerce to facilitate a vibrant local economy.

    2. Our best efforts are made through the utilization of a well-trained, dedicated and motivated group of core volunteers and staff working in collaboration and partnership with other organizations.

    3. We are the recognized voice of business, articulating and addressing our members’ concerns through effective leadership, collaboration, programming, and communication.

    4. We operate in a trustworthy and fiscally responsible manner.

    Our Strengths

    1. We are a well established organization with an excellent reputation.

    2. We are economically stable with an eagerness to pursue fundraising opportunities.

    3. We are highly visible with a brand that is known across the state.

    4. We are superior in our outreach with a multi-layered communications strategy that enhances awareness.

    5. We are a leader in event management with high quality small business development/entrepreneurship programming, networking activities, and fundraising opportunities year-round.

    Our Opportunities

    1. To build better relationships with businesses, government and other support organizations.

    2. To reduce the duplication of services and programs, and facilitate the sharing of resources and information.

    3. To balance the engagement of retail, industrial, commercial, tourist and agricultural commerce realizing that each sector has assets to bring to the community.

    4. To determine how to maintain the current level of successful programming and return on investment, while adding new responsibilities to staff.

    5. To find ways to fund big bold strategic objectives to really make progress in meeting the mission of the Chamber.

    Our Political Stance

    The South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce supports economic growth and prosperity that includes an appropriately balanced emphasis on retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare, tourism, professional services, and agricultural commerce to facilitate a vibrant local economy.  The Board of Directors and Chamber Staff do not endorse specific candidates/individuals for elected positions, or endorse specific political agendas as such may not be the viewpoint of the majority of the membership.

    The South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce is not a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.