• Art

    South Haven area art lovers have nurtured local talent and community involvement in the arts which has created lively partnership and successful events.

    In 1951, the South Haven Art League was formed under the sponsorship of the American Association of University Women with the mission of encouraging individual artists and bringing art to the general public. With the area’s first outdoor art show being held in 1957, a tradition was started. Today the South Haven Center for the Arts continues to host the South Haven Art Fair over the July 4th weekend, and the South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce has added to the reputation of the area being know as an arts community and has likewise developed the Blueberry Festival Craft Fair and the All Crafts Fair hosted on the Labor Day weekend in scenic Stanley Johnston Park.

    Click here for more information on the Blueberry Festival Craft Fair and the All Crafts Fair!

    Each year art and cultural experiences in the South Haven area develop and grow. From community theatre to MIC night at Foundry Hall, art classes to Family Dance Night under the South Haven Pavilion, the downtown art hop to Mistletoe Market, the South Haven area is a great place to explore the creative and talented!