• Commercial Cleaning Technician

    Posted: 02/25/2024

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    JOB IS FROM 2PM-11




    At Calico Cleaning, we value Integrity, Respect, People-First, and Teamwork. During our 14 years of progress and expansion, we have become known as a company full of love. We show appreciation towards our team members every day and enjoy every second of it!


    Our Mission: To create clean, peaceful work environments for our clients and to build long-term relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and providing for those needs with the highest level of integrity and professionalism in the industry.


    Duties and Responsibilities



    • Cleaning
    • Learning, training and following the Calico training system
    • Providing cleaning services according to the Work Order
    • Following all company policies and procedures on the job
    • Reporting in/out of jobs using designated process (app, paperwork, phone call to office)
    • Inspecting your own work before calling for an inspection. If leading a team, inspecting the work of others
    • Picking up needed equipment for special cleaning jobs
    • Completing any job-related ‘paperwork’ as required by company processes
    • Maintaining a 4 star and above customer satisfaction rating


    • Confidentiality
      • Keeping safe all private/confidential customer information and property, such as but not limited to Work Orders, alarm codes, customer whereabouts, house contents/customer possessions as well as the businesses information.
    • Picking up and return to the office promptly (per company processes) any customer payment (cash, check) and customer keys


    • Communications
    • Communicating with the customer in a professional manner while in the home performing job duties
    • Communicating any customers needs and/or issues to the company customer service person
    • Reporting to the sales/customer service person if conditions in the home change or find the home in a condition not consistent in the Work Order

    Communicate any attendance issues and/or tardiness you foresee ahead of time with your supervisor.

    • Reporting any tardies/call ins at least one hour before shift.


    • Safety
    • Following company safety policies and guidelines
    • Using only Calico Cleaning approved cleaning products
    • Following SDS sheets for cleaning products in the email you were sent at employment for easy access and consultation.
    • Professionally representing the company
    • Appearing clean and professional while working; wearing the company-stipulated uniform/work attire
    • Washing, maintaining and replacing when necessary the work apron and uniform
    • Reporting to work, ready to work, in uniform with cleaning caddy/apron/badge and equipment each day with a positive attitude and friendly to staff and customers.
    • Taking care of work supplies
    • Washing/cleaning of supplies including cleaning towels/cloths if necessary
    • Refilling cleaners
    • Replenishing cleaning tools and equipment. Alerting the office if tools and equipment are supplied by the company
    • Maintaining own vacuum/mop or, if using the customer’s, emptying vacuum, wiping it down and returning it to the designated location. The customer’s vacuum should only be used in emergency situations or they request it.


    Responsible for own transportation and related costs such as gas, up keep and insurance.



    (In some cases,) leading a team of cleaning techs if a senior technician or Team Lead

    • Inspecting own work and work of others

    Hours: Full time ranging between 2pm-11pm Monday-Friday

    Location: Bangor, Kalamazoo



    • Training pays at $17 per hour for the time you are in training with a trainer either in observing or working alongside with a trainer.
    • At Bootcamp Graduation it will be determined if you are ready to move out of training and at that time would receive full cleaning technician pay at $180 per day to start with raises as outlined within the company.