• Spotlight on South Haven Retailers Expansions


    The South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce is so proud of the growth we have seen from some of our local small businesses.  These businesses are a fine example of entrepreneurial spirit, courage, and hard work.  Kathy Wagaman, Executive Director, recently visited five of our local retailers’ locations in downtown St. Joe, and nearby Scottdale, just 30 minutes south of South Haven.  They included Oh My Darlings, owned by Carla Kolesar, Sweet Haven, owned by Liz and Joe Woods, Olive Cart, owned by Dave Drees, 42N Naturals, owned by Rachel Leins, and Landers Scottdale True Value Hardware, owned by Doug Landers.

    Each of these retailers worked very hard to build their business from the ground up, and from that foundation were able to replicate and expand to a new community.  As we celebrate National Small Business Week, we honor their efforts and their willingness to invest in these added locations.  It is the Chamber’s belief that when the region and even our entire State is successful, it allows South Haven to thrive. 

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