• Manager (Floor Leader)

    Posted: 02/12/2024


    (Floor Leader)

    $15.00 Plus Tips

    Position Summary: The Manager (overseer) is responsible for the daily operations of Sherman’s Dairy Bar. Providing our Guests with efficient, courteous service, quality products, great presentation in a clean environment with a well-trained team while creating a fun and learning workplace for our Team Members.


    Leading Team Members and yourself:

    Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things, they never thought they could.


    · Arrive at least 30 minutes before shift.

    · To take ownership and solve problems that could impact their shift or other shifts

    · Daily walk-throughs of Dairy Bar – check tempering cabinets, dip cabinets, soda fountain, thermostats, deep freeze (compressors and product), parking lot & grass area

    · Managing Team Member scheduling to ensure that shifts are always covered

    · Lead Huddles

    · Training new Team Members in job duties and work culture to help them become a success at Sherman’s.

    · To provide in-the-moment coaching to Team Leaders and Team Members

    · To lead Team Leaders so that they can better lead their areas

    · Leads teams by example and establishes a positive hands-on approach that inspires productivity and improves Team Member retention.

    · Help foster a positive morale on shifts. No “clicks”

    · Monitoring Team Member performance to ensure that they are meeting Sherman’s standards for quality and speed of service

    · Interact with Team Members (keeping the Team Members smiling/moving, portion control, handwashing, etc.)

    · Train Team Members on proper sanitation, cleaning procedures and handling

    · Hold bi-weekly reviews of each Team Member. Are they living out the Playbook?

    · Ensure Team Members are working their assigned position(s)

    · Assign additional tasks during downtime

    · Don’t speak negatively on shifts about others, (Team Members, or Guests)

    · Playbook guidelines/requirements are followed

    · Manage disciplinary actions “points”

    · Plan one team meeting per month

    · Ensuring that Guests are satisfied with their experience by providing excellent Guest Service

    · Handling Guest complaints and resolving issues with them to ensure a positive experience

    · Every Treat adhering to standardized levels of quality and taste.

    · Assist Team with Guest allergens

    · Be proactive vs reactive (with Guests, Team Members, tasks)

    · “2 Things”… Leave with a SMILE and ICE CFREAM

    · Cleanliness and food safety / cross contamination / allergens

    · Engaging Team Members to maintain interior and exterior cleanliness

    · Facilitate the "Clean as You Go" Process

    · Maintain a "5 out of 5" Cleanliness Mentality in ALL AREAS

    · Ensure all areas are ready, clean, and stocked for peak hours

    · S.O.U.P. (Sense of Urgency, Please)

    · Problem solver / Solutions provider.

    · Keep supplies stocked (plastics, toppings, cones, napkins, etc), Low stock write on order board

    · Track all waste and refunds

    · All check lists are completed correctly

    · Accidents… file out report and turn in to GM

    · Close out POS at night along with paperwork

    · Open POS for morning shifts

    · Being able to close Sherman’s at night

    · Noting anything that’s running low

    · Help with morning duties – laundry, cleaning dip cabinets, water flowers (if available) and pick-up trash outside.

    · To hold team members accountable to the Playbook and Operational Standards

    · Promptly report policy violations to General Manager

    · Prep cash drawer for your shift & reconcile drawer at the end of your shift.

    · Rotate ice cream in tempering cases

    · Stock ice cream into tempering cases

    · Keep ice cream stocked in dip cabinets

    · Rotate nuts, brownies, strawberries from freezer to fridge to dairy bar

    · Responsible for making Sherman’s whip cream

    · Help to sell gift cards

    · Answer Dairy Bar phone with a smile in your voice. “Good afternoon/evening, thank you for calling Sherman’s Dairy Bar, this is ____your name___, how may I help you?” This is to be spoken comely, not as quickly as you can say it.

    · Help sell Sherman’s merchandise and keep inventory

    · Attend Manager’s meeting once a week for an hour


    Þ Must be 21 years old or older

    Þ Read Playbook and pass quiz

    Þ Attend Sherman’s Team Orientation

    Þ Confirm you are in ADP timeclock system

    Þ Completed State, Federal & Sherman’s paperwork

    Þ Introvert – Extravert quiz

    Þ Read Sherman’s History and pass quiz

    Þ Read through job description and have any questions answered

    Þ Pass Ice Cream Training and pass quiz. For fun

    Þ Watch Washing hand video and quiz

    Þ Complete knowledge of Sherman’s menu and ice cream flavors – pass quiz. For fun

    Þ Download Home Base app & have all information filled in.

    Þ Dishwasher PowerPoint and quiz

    Þ Filling chemical bottles PowerPoint and quiz

    Þ Making quarts PowerPoint and quiz

    Þ Mopping PowerPoint and quiz

    Þ Garbage bags PowerPoint and quiz

    Þ Filling ice PowerPoint and quiz

    Þ Laundry PowerPoint and quiz

    Þ Shinning PowerPoint & quiz

    Þ Watch replacing garbage bags and pass quiz

    Þ Ice cream cross contamination PowerPoint and quiz

    Þ First Impressions / Guest Service training & quiz

    Þ H E A R D quiz

    Þ ServSafe certified in Food Handler & Allergens online







    Reports to the General Manager