• HTS Direct, LLC.



    About Us

    HTS is a company based in Germany that specializes in heavy load moving equipment. In 2019, HTS moved their North America branch to beautiful South Haven, Michigan. They offer two main product lines: the HTS ECO-Skate and the HTS ECO-Jack. The HTS ECO-Skate is a series of skates that can move loads ranging from 3 tons to 220 tons. The HTS ECO-Jack is a series of jacks that can lift loads ranging from 3 tons to 50 tons. HTS also produces the POWER-Skate, a robotic skate that is battery powered and remote controlled. The POWER-Skate comes in four versions: 10-ton, 24-ton, 40-ton and 80-ton. The 24-ton, 40-ton and 80-ton versions have an additional feature: a lift cylinder that can lift up to 20 tons.