• Congratulations to McDonald's of South Haven on Completion of Remodel!

    McDonald's Ribbon Cutting

    By Nancy Albright

    McDonald’s new app and ordering kiosks give new meaning to the words ‘fast food’.

    It seems like everyone is in a hurry most days, and with that in mind, the McDonald’s on Broadway in South Haven has installed new technology to satisfy that craving for a Quarter Pounder, large fries and a chocolate milkshake faster than ever before.

    Owner Sue Knytych explained, “It’s as simple as using the app to order and pay online, and then parking your car in one of the newly designated parking spots for mobile users. The technology allows employees to track your parking space and deliver your order directly to your car. If you want to eat inside the restaurant, new ordering kiosks speed up the process and your food arrives fast and hot.”
    “We’re one of the first stores to take advantage of the new technology,” said Mike Knytych. “The app, kiosks and electronic menu boards at the drive-thru are ready to go to serve our customers during the upcoming summer season.”

    The Knytych’s also presented L.C. Mohr High School Principal Jerry Sardina with a $1000 donation. “Our donations are always put to good use to fund school programs and activities and we’re always happy to help out,” said Mike.

    Members of the high school football team were on hand to sample the new Quarter Pounders with cheese, now made from fresh lean beef, and to teach customers to use the McDonald’s app and new ordering kiosks.

    Principal Sardina commented, “Mike and Sue have been very supportive of L.C. Mohr for many years. We’re happy for the opportunity to help customers learn to use the new technology today. Many of our students show promise in the field and this is a great opportunity to showcase their talents. It’s also a good way to teach kids the value of community partnership.”